Football semi-camps of Warszawianka – Mokotów

Football semi-camps of Warszawianka – Mokotów

Of course, we invite you to the Warszawianka, which is one of the most important and modern sports facilities in Warsaw.
At Warszawianka, colonists will be able, in addition to swimming classes, to climb the wall, play tennis, bowling, floorball or popular and popular football, as well as play with laser paintball, Brave people can go crazy on the wall, and young children go crazy fun park.

On the first two days, children have all the activities described above, on the third day we ask participants which activities they liked to focus on the sports they like the most for the next three days.

Framework schedule of the day plus full board – CLICK

Place of picking up and leaving (meeting point) of participants:

  • Conference rooms at the Water Park ul. Merliniego 2A, 02-511 Warsaw


We run classes in the form of one-week semi-camps throughout the year. Below are the dates of the most-booked stays.

Promotional offer  – with an earlier charge, there is a discount on the standard price! * Our prices increase over time, so the later the payment, the higher the price.

Beginning of classes End of class Cena Book
24 June 28 June    
1 July 5 July    
8 July 12 July    
20 July 24 July    
15 July 19 July    
22 July 26 July    
29 July 2 August    
5 August 9 August    
12 August 16 August    
19 August 23 August    
26 August 30 August    

In the case of registration / payment less than 4 days before the start of the given half-camp stay – the price increases by PLN 100.

2Times invites you to the Warsaw day camp – an interesting and innovative leisure offer for children. We offer active, sporting time without leaving Warsaw.

Weekly sport program
On the first two days, children have all the activities described below, on the third day we observe the participants to focus on the sports they like the most.

  • Swimming – Mokotowska Warszawianka Foundation – Water Park 02-511 Warsaw, ul. Merlini 4;
  • Playing tennis – WARSZAWIANKA Tennis Club ul. Merliniego 9, 02-511 Warsaw
  • Team games, Floorball – Mokotowska Fundacja Warszawianka – Wodny Park ul. Merliniego 4, 02-511 Warsaw
  • Climbing wall – Warsaw, ul. Merlini 2;
  • Artistic classes and sports animators – fields and buildings of „Warszawianka”
  • fun park for young children (tunnels, ball rooms);

Days and hours of classes: (Monday-Friday), from 8:30 to 17:30.

Individual training

In addition, we run individual lessons for those interested in the semi-camp. The prices below are full options and include the rental of the facility and the cost of the trainer.

  • Swimming – individual lesson for 2-3 people, swimming lessons 3 hours (3 days for 1 hour) – PLN 220
  • Photoreport – the instructor sends a few photos from the sport of his choice every day – PLN 55

Options not yet available (tennis and skis in preparation):

  • Tennis – training 1-2 people, with an instructor 3 hours – 150 PLN
  • Skiing or SNB – 1-3 person training, driving lessons with an instructor 4 hours – PLN 200

When its raining

Additional activities – (in very bad weather throughout the week):

  • Trip to the museum (most likely it will be the Copernicus Science Center)
  • Classes in the Wodny Park building ul. Merliniego 4, 02-511 Warszawa or / and
  • kino
  • Museum trip

Documents(for reading):

 Participant equipment please complete the listed items in order for the participant to be fully prepared for our sports activities.

Conditions of resignation and / or change of the date – detailed rules of resignation terms and changes in dates in participation in the Camps and our Courses.

Conditions for participation – full text and / or detailed rules for participants and Organizer.

Insurance conditions for cancellation costs.

Documents to be printed:

Regulations – each participant must deliver it completed, no later than on the day of the beginning of a Camp.

Camp participant card – each participant must deliver it completed on the day of the beginning of a Camp.

Claiming Wall statement 

Replacement of the location

  • It is possible to change the location, if the guardian informs the organizer not later than within 4 days before the start of the stay,
  • up to 4 days before the start of the stay, the organizer has the right to propose a change to another half-day or refund the full amount, e.g. in the absence of a minimum number of applicants, which is minimum 8 participants for a given stay.

We provide

Monday to Friday; 5 days of classes organized by experienced and well-maintained staff of the Ski School

  • children are divided into groups of up to 11 participants in the age groups of 6-9 years and 9-12 years,
  • classes to choose from: a plan tailored to the needs and willingness of each mentee,
  • daily meals: breakfast, two-course dinner, afternoon tea, drinks available all the time, (without a second breakfast, so please have your sandwich or cheese with you).


  • Breakfast, lunch and afternoon tea – Portucale Restaurant ul. Merliniego 2A, 02-511 Warsaw
  • Educational and art – Wodny Park ul. Merliniego 4, 02-511 Warsaw

Here you can really feel like an Olympic champion! There is an Olympic pool, recreational pool and swimming pool available for learning. The numerous attractions of the Aquapark guarantee children undoubtedly fun and fun on: 2 slides, an outdoor all-year outdoor pool with heated water, waterfalls, water cascades.

Modern, popular tennis, squash courts, as well as a roller-skating rink, climbing wall, fun park for small children and a gym attract to Warszawianka.

Prices – promotions

Promotional prices (the so-called rebate) apply only to our best payers  :) , persons who, according to the conditions of participation, will make a full payment on the earlier date stated on the site.

* Prices are lower than standard rates for incomplete stays.

** Prices are negotiable only for a few groups, which wish to organize the so-called „Closed day camps”.

*** Our prices increase over time, so the later the payment, the higher the price.

Other payments

In the case of subscription less than 4 days before the beginning of the semi-camp or / and for a shorter period than the full stay, a handling fee of PLN 100 is added and the price is calculated accordingly to the number of days purchased.


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We run semi-camps throughout the year, records via the form below.


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