Winter Day camps at Warszawianka

Winter Day camps at Warszawianka

Of course, children of Mokotów are invited to the Warszawianka, i.e. to one of the most important and modern sports facilities in Warsaw.

For the winter holidays we have a great addition in the form of a all-day ski trip to the Szczesliwice hill so that our kids can taste the white madness on the slopes. The instructors will be waiting for us, prepared with ski equipment and will have paid ski passes :).
On the first two days, children have all the activities described above, on the third day we ask participants which activities they liked to focus on the sports they like the most for the next three days.

Framework schedule of the day plus full board – WINTER

Place of picking up and leaving (meeting point) of participants:

  • The building at the Water Park WARSZAWIANKA, ul. Merliniego 2, 02-511 Warszawa

Winter – an additional ski trip

During one-week semi-camps children are guaranteed one trip to the Warsaw ski slope. Our sports club will provide instructors, ski equipment and ski passes.

Promotional offer – with full earlier payment below deleted prices! *

First week of the winter break.

Beginning of classes End of class Price Book
10.02 14.02

2nd week of holidays

Beginning of classes End of class Price Book
17.02 21.02

In the case of registration / payment less than 4 days before the start of the given half-camp stay – the price increases by PLN 100.

Sport activities

Days and hours of classes: (Monday-Friday), from 8:30 to 17:30.

  • Swimming – Mokotowska Warszawianka Foundation – Water Park 02-511 Warsaw, ul. Merliniego 4, http: //
  • Skiing – CSN Szczęśliwice, ul.Drawska 22, 02-202 Warsaw,
  • Tennis courts – WARSZAWIANKA Tennis Club ul. Merliniego 9, 02-511 Warsaw
  • Climbing wall – Warsaw, ul. Merliniego 2;
  • Art classes and sports animators – playgrounds and buildings “Warszawianka”
  • Fun park for small children, (tunnels, ball rooms)
  • General activities: Frizbee, ringo, golf – minimum twice a week
  • Laser Tag, Zorbing – minimum twice a week

Individual training

In addition, we offer individual lessons for trainees during Camp. The following prices are full options and include the rental of the facility and the cost of the trainer.

  • Swimming – (group of 2-3 persons) swimming lesson 3 hours – PLN 250

Options not yet available (tennis and skis in preparation):

  • Tennis – (group of 2-3 persons), with an instructor 3 hours – PLN 150
  • Skiing or SNB – (group of 2-3 persons) training with an instructor 4 hours – PLN 200

When its raining

When its raining:

  • Additional activities – (in very adverse weather throughout the week ):
  • A trip to the museum (with a high probability it will be the Copernicus Science Center)
  • Activities in the building of Wodny Park ul. Merliniego 4, 02-511 Warsaw or / cinema
  • Museum trip

Documents(for reading):

 Participant equipment please complete the listed items in order for the participant to be fully prepared for our sports activities.

Conditions of resignation and / or change of the date – detailed rules of resignation terms and changes in dates in participation in the Camps and our Courses.

Conditions for participation – full text and / or detailed rules for participants and Organizer.

Insurance conditions for cancellation costs.

Documents to be printed:

Regulations – each participant must deliver it completed, no later than on the day of the beginning of a Camp.

Camp participant card – each participant must deliver it completed on the day of the beginning of a Camp.

Claiming Wall statement 

Replacement of the location

  • It is possible to change the location, if the guardian informs the organizer not later than within 4 days before the start of the stay,
  • up to 4 days before the start of the stay, the organizer has the right to propose a change to another half-day or refund the full amount, e.g. in the absence of a minimum number of applicants, which is minimum 8 participants for a given stay.

We provide

  • 5 days of best sports program in the city, plus 2Times instructors who have great contact with children,
  • children are divided into small groups of up to 11 participants in age groups 5-9 years and 9-12 years,
  • courses to choose from: a plan adapted to the needs and willingness of each mentee,
  • daily meals: breakfast, two-course dinner, afternoon fruit, all drinks available.


  • Breakfast, lunch and afternoon tea,

The promotion –  only covers our best payers 🙂 people who, in accordance with the terms of participation, make full payment by December 1 this year.

  • Promotions, reductions and promotional codes obtained are not subject to merging.
  • In the case of subscription for less than 5 days, a handling fee of 100 PLN is added, and the price is adequately counted to the number of purchased days.
  • prices are negotiable only for a close personal groups, that wish to organize “Closed Camps for cyrcle of frends”.

Other payments

Fees paid the last weekend before the start of the stay, or during its duration, are subject to an additional handling fee of PLN 100.

Account for deposits


  • 53 1050 1054 1000 0091 3417 8780
  • 2Times Włodzimierz Zantara
  • 02-202 Warsaw, ul. Drawska 22


We run semi-camps throughout the year, records via the form below.


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